One of three comfy queen beds at Ridgerunner Cabin, Taos Ski Valley Hottub Cozy fire at Ridge Runner Cabin, Taos Ski Valley One of three comfy queen beds at Ridgerunner Cabin, Taos Ski Valley

Ridgerunner Cabin Taos Ski Valley


uilt in the 1960s using timber harvested from nearby Taos Pueblo, Ridgerunner Cabin has seen many a skier come and go, and is part of fond local memories. In the 1990s, a second story was added with a pitched roof to expand the structure and help shed Taos' deep snow. Most recently, this classic cabin has been purchased and refurbished by a new owner, and is now available as a vacation rental for visitors to the area.

Months of painstaking restoration, sanding, and resurfacing has returned the cabin's logs to their original lustre.

Green Factor: Visitors will be interested to note that part of the cabin's coziness comes from New Mexico's sun. Ridgerunner cabin is situated on a southfacing bluff overlooking the Rio Hondo river, enabling it to capture considerable passive solar gain. During the most recent renovation, a solar heat exchange unit was added which further supplements the cabin's green energy.

Update: January, 2011

The property has been expanded, and now includes a central game room and Norwegian-style timber chalet.

Ridgerunner Cabin, game room, and Staab House. Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico

Above, left to right: Ridgerunner Cabin, central game room, and Norwegian-style chalet.



John Henry Sloan
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Ridgerunner's well-equipped kitchen is open to the floor above, allowing views of the exposed beams, and bathing the cooking area in daylight.